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Selecting a brand affiliation and choosing the best hotel franchise is a very important decision which requires substantial research and the consideration of many factors.

Having been both a franchisee and a franchisor with involvement in every aspect of the hotel business for over 40 years, the visionary team at My Place maintains an acute awareness of the importance of the franchisees’ bottom line as it relates to guest satisfaction. We recognize that regardless of the validity of our concept, we are only as successful as our franchisees. As you join our system, your success becomes the objective of our aggressive growth plan for My Place.

My Place Hotels is America’s newest hotel brand. We are founded on the principles of delivering superior quality and the highest customer service for our guests, while at the same time, providing our franchisees with an effective business model.

“My Place fits a niche that is truly under-served today. We’ve eliminated the inefficient, under utilized amenities and focused on what is really important. A well equipped room and a good night’s rest.” - Ryan J. Rivett Co-founder, President & COO


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