My Place Hotels Stay Rewarded®

Double Down Terms and Conditions



Stay Rewarded® Bonus Points Offer 2023


If you book a qualifying stay at My Place Hotel-East Moline/Quad Cities, IL within the first 30 days of the hotel opening, and if you enroll in or are a member of the Stay Rewarded® loyalty program at or before your check-in date, My Place Hotels of America, LLC will reward you with Stay Rewarded Bonus Points in an amount equal to the Points you earn for your stay. Booking must be made via the My Place Hotels of America website at,, directly with the hotel, or via My Place Hotels reservation line at 1-855-200-5685. Only one Stay Rewarded member per room is eligible to earn Points or Bonus Points. A Stay Rewarded member may only earn Points and Bonus Points on two (2) rooms per stay.

To qualify for this promotion, rooms must be booked at a Qualifying Rate. All local hotel policies, including cancellation policies, will apply. The Bonus Points will be awarded per stay consumed with a limit of two rooms per night, regardless of the number of room nights. If you book and consume a separate, non-sequential stay at My Place Hotel-East Moline/Quad Cities, IL you may collect Bonus for that additional stay. For purposes of this promotion, a “stay” means any number of consecutive room nights.

My Place Hotels of America reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time and for any reason; however, any Points or Bonus Points earned prior to any cancellation of the promotion will be credited to your account. Fraudulent bookings may be canceled by the participating hotel or by My Place Hotels of America. Qualifying stays are eligible to earn Stay Rewarded® Points according to the terms of that program in addition to the Bonus Points.  To enroll in Stay Rewarded, visit or  All Stay Rewarded terms and conditions apply. Guests must make any promotional inquiries within sixty (60) days of their stay. Please allow 2-4 weeks after your stay for Points or Bonus Points to be applied to your account.

Each My Place Hotel is independently owned and operated. Questions about the Double Down promotion can be directed to 1-855-200-5685, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Time, or at