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Women enjoying a mug of coffee in the guestroom recliner.
Travel Update April 18, 2024

#EnhanceTheEveryday at My Place

En•hance (verb) Intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of.

Traveling can be mundane. It can be stressful or even hectic at times. The thought of packing up belongings for a weekend away can often add stress to lives that are already incredibly busy.

But it can also be exhilarating. It can be exciting and eventful. It can be a chance to explore a new city, seek out new experiences, or maybe even do some soul searching.

Whether you’re visiting a new town for new opportunities or chasing after your child’s sports team, the features and amenities at My Place Hotels offer a chance to step up your stay.

The My Place Hotels concept was originally built on the idea of an extended stay — and that's still a big part of who we are. We still have plenty of guests who are staying with us up to a month or more, and we also have the weekend warriors and overnight guests just passing through. No matter the length of stay, we’ve redefined the regular to show that you can do anything from your hotel room.

Have you ever thought about how you can #EnhanceTheEveryday while you’re traveling?

Pets, please!

Fluffy, four-legged friends are some of our most favorite guests. That’s why every one of our 70 properties across the country are pet-friendly! There’s no need to board the puppy or find a sitter for the kittens — they’re welcome at My Place Hotels.

We know how important pets can be for companionship and mental health. Call ahead before your stay and ask for more information — then get ready to enhance your trip with your furry family member at your side.

A golden retriever puppy lays in a gray dog bed at the foot of a My Place Hotel bed.

Calling all chefs!

Treat yourself to your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner, even when you’re on the road. If you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or are on your own health journey, our in-room kitchenettes are the perfect way to enhance your trip with your own, home-cooked meal.

Every My Place room comes equipped with a full-size refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. We’ve even included the kitchen sink! 

A woman cracks an egg into a frying pan as she cooks via the in-room kitchenette.

What’s brewing?

Enhance your everyday with a cup of your favorite coffee! Nothing beats the aroma of a fresh cup of joe to kickstart the day, especially when you’re on the road. Each My Place Hotel room includes a coffee maker for your convenience.

If you’re running late or need a late pick-me-up, we also have hot, fresh, complimentary coffee available in our lobby 24 hours a day! Go ahead — take a sip.

A woman relaxes in a My Place recliner while holding a cup of coffee.

Moment of zen

At My Place Hotels, we want you to keep your favorite activities going, even when you’re on the road. With our spacious rooms, feel free to transform your space into your own mini-gym.

Don’t disrupt your routine just because you’re traveling! Enhance your vacation and start your day off right — it’s just another way you can Make My Place Your Place®.

A young woman stretches with her arms in the air as she sits on a yoga mat inside a My Place hotel room.

It’s movie night

Go ahead and convert your My Place room into your own private movie theater! Our My Place Plush beds are exclusive to our hotels and offer a cozy place to watch your favorite flick. Pair that with blackout shades and in-room climate control and you’re ready to go!

Just pop some popcorn in your microwave or browse the selection of tasty snacks in our lobby’s 24-hour grab-and-go store! Or better yet: there’s plenty of space in your cupboards and fridge so you can have any snack you bring from home! For an extra treat, most of our properties are ready for your Grubhub meal with $0 delivery fee!

Two young girls lay at the foot of a My Place bed with a blanket over their heads as they watch TV.

Don’t overpack!

We know that the hardest decision while traveling can often come before you even leave the house — what to bring to wear! Save yourself some luggage space, bring just the essentials, and let our 24-hour laundry facility take care of the rest.

This service is extra important if you’re traveling for sports. Keep those jerseys gameday ready with a fresh wash every night! Say goodbye to smelly gear in the hotel room!

A man smiles as he stands in the doorway to the laundry facility holding a laundry basket.

Stay with style

When we designed our hotel rooms, our guests were at the forefront of all our thoughts. Perhaps it’s the outlet right next to the ironing board! Maybe it’s the backlit, spa-like mirrors in our bathrooms!

If you need the perfect place to get ready for a night on the town, we think we’ve successfully stylized the simple ideas to make sure you feel good when you leave your room. Rejuvenate in style at My Place!

A woman looks at her reflection while applying makeup in front of a My Place Hotel backlit bathroom mirror.


No matter how carefully you pack, it’s bound to happen — an item gets left behind at home. We found the perfect way to enhance your stay with a huge selection of toiletries, kitchen utensils, laundry items, and more in our My Store!

And, of course, you’ll love the selection of snacks, meals, and drinks, available 24-hours a day right in the lobby of every My Place Hotel!

A woman reaches for a drink inside a cooler at the My Store inside the hotel's lobby.

Workin’ for the weekend

When working on the road starts to feel tiresome, we invite you to rejuvenate in our quiet, spacious rooms. We offer a commitment to connectivity via our free, high-speed Wi-Fi, a promise for productivity with our rooms’ dedicated workspace, and an oath to affordability with our thoughtfully-designed rooms and extended stay rates.

Take advantage of My Place Hotels’ corporate travel rates, which can be set up at any of our locations, allowing your crew the flexibility to stay wherever and whenever they need! Booking multiple reservations for multiple people can be a challenge, but our team is here to make it easy.

A man types on a laptop sitting on a My Place Hotel in-room desk.

A toast to breakfast

With our full-size refrigerators, microwaves, two-burner cooktops, and toasters, guests are set up for success when it comes to making their favorite breakfast right in the room. We’ve made it easy for those that choose to have a morning meal when and how they like it.

If making your own meal isn’t ideal, choose our Breakfast in Bed option, which includes a satisfying breakfast sandwich, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. Just order during check-in and the meal will be delivered to your room!

A plate of fried eggs, bacon, blueberries, and sliced strawberries.