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The Guest Post: Top 10 winter hotspots

When you look at the spread of 53 My Place Hotels that have opened from coast to coast, it’s clear that our locations are as diverse as our own network of franchisees and developers. Picking some of the most gorgeous winter destinations, it’s also clear that they knew exactly what they were doing. In the latest installment of The Guest Post, we take a look at our top 10 winter destinations and the nearby My Place Hotels you can call home base!

Bend, Oregon

The mountains are calling in Bend, Oregon! Whether you’re looking to hike throughout the Oregon Badlands Wilderness by foot, by sled, or by bike or take in an extremely wide variety of breweries and delicious food, Bend, Oregon is an ideal Winter destination for any kind of traveler, looking to stay for any length of time. And did we mention the insanely awesome skiing opportunities (hello, Mt. Bachelor!)? The best part is that the My Place Hotel in Bend is conveniently located within close proximity to all of the area’s most exciting attractions. Check it out!

Wide view of exterior of My Place Hotel-Bend, OR with parking lot and surrounding trees.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Known for its close proximity to some of the Rocky Mountains’ most prominent attractions and landscapes, Colorado Springs is the perfect Winter destination. With daring opportunities to experience the Rocky Mountains more intimately than ever before by taking in recreational activities such as Winter ziplining, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing, Colorado Springs has got it all.

Just a hop, skip, and jump away from Metropolitan Denver, but far away enough to feel secluded and recharged during the most hectic months of the year, the My Place Hotel in Colorado Springs is located in the perfect spot to catch a spectacular view of Pikes Peak while also being moments away from delicious dining and drinking. Check it out!

My Place Hotel-Colorado Springs surrounded by guests cars.

Meridian, Idaho

While Idaho is widely known for their famous potatoes, the state also offers the perfect spread of Winter activities for travelers to take in, especially in the Boise Metropolitan area and surrounding communities! Whether it be skiing or hiking in the Bogus Basin (or sledding. They’ve got that too!) or taking a relaxing dip in the Springs in Idaho City or hiking to the many hot springs in the area, a visit to Boise will be the highlight of your winter.

With a My Place Hotel in nearby Meridian, you can take in all that the area has to offer! The best part? Our pet friendly hotels offer the perfect reason for you to take your favorite furry pet on your adventures this Winter! Click here to learn more.

Exterior My Place Hotel-Boise/Meridian, ID under a cloudy sky.

Ketchikan, Alaska

It might not come as a surprise for us to mention Alaska on our list of the Top 10 Winter Hotspots, but we truly mean it when we say that the state is an ideal location for those looking to take in the splendor of Winter. With its stunning lakes, rolling hills, and homey feel, Ketchikan, Alaska is a must-visit destination for Winter adventure seekers. Whether you want to kayak up Ketchikan Creek, hike the Rainbird Trail, go ice-fishing, or take in the rich history of the Alaska Native culture, we can promise you’ll surprise yourself with how much you enjoy your time in Ketchikan.

The My Place Hotel in Ketchikan serves as the perfect hub and place to stay for those looking to make the most of their time in the adorable town with it’s closeness to the Ketchikan Ferry, Carlanna Creek, and Carlanna Lake Trail. Click here to learn more.

Front entrance of My Place Hotel-Ketchikan with snow on the ground and wispy clouds in the sky.

St. George, Utah

While we understand that St. George, Utah might not see too much Wintery weather throughout the year, we definitely had to factor in a destination for those looking to take in a mild Winter getaway experience! With that being said, St. George’s location is ideal for those looking to make their way into nature, while also enjoying the company of others in a quaint, relaxed environment. Located under an hour away from Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and the iconic Zion National Park, nature buffs will be in awe every moment of their time in St. George. Perhaps you can sled down a sand dune!

Located right off of I-15, the My Place Hotel in St. George perfectly complements the beautiful scenery of the Utah landscape that can be seen nearly everywhere you look. Unlike most other My Place Hotels, the hotel in St. George even has a pool if you are looking to make an even bigger splash! Click here to learn more.

Exterior My Place Hotel-St. George, UT under a clear blue sky.

Kalispell, Montana

A visit to Montana during the Winter is ideal if you are looking for the perfect snowy getaway, especially a visit to Kalispell! With its extremely close proximity to Glacier National Park, Whitetail Fish Mountain, and Blacktail Mountain, you won’t want to leave once you’ve arrived. Did we mention that you can ride a dogsled across the Montana landscape and ski to your heart’s desire if you’re in the area? Oh, and don’t even get us started on the dining options!

While we’re sure all of this must sound as exciting to you as it does to us, we’ll be glad to tell you how delighted we are that the My Place Hotel in Kalispell is ready to welcome you to the winter wonderland of Montana. Click here to learn more.

Exterior of My Place Hotel-Kalispell, MT under a partly cloudy sky.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Looking to take a trip to the Mount Rushmore state, but don’t have the time in the Summer? Well you’re in luck. Western South Dakota is equally as beautiful in the Winter as it is any other season, especially in the rolling Black Hills and Badlands. With opportunities to explore the area by ski, snowboard, inner-tube, or by snowshoe and ice-pick, you can get to know Western South Dakota more intimately than ever before and take in more photos-ops than you can even imagine.

With a growing list of diverse dining and shopping options available throughout the Black Hills and around Rapid City, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience as you enjoy take in the scenery. Perfectly located right in the middle of all of the wintery action, the My Place Hotel in Rapid City is your one stop shop for a quality place to stay for any length of stay! Click here to learn more.

Exterior of My Place Hotel-Rapid City, SD under a blue sky.

Yakima, Washington

Have you ever thought about snowmobiling in the Cascade Mountains? Skiing at White Pass Mountain? If the answer is yes to either, a trip to Yakima, Washington might be written in the stars for you this Winter! For those less outdoors-oriented, with more than 100 wineries within an arms reach of Yakima in Washington’s Wine Country alongside a handful of breweries and spas, any type of traveler can find their own personal paradise in the stunning Pacific Northwest this Winter.

Located moments away from the Yakima River, Sarg Hubbard Park, Yakima Sportsman State Park and within an arm’s-reach of the area’s iconic attractions, My Place Hotel-Yakima, Washington may just be your aforementioned personal paradise this Winter! Click here to learn more.

Exterior My Place Hotel-Yakima, WA under a clear blue sky.

Lubbock, Texax

Perhaps you’re from somewhere else already listed in this Top 10 list and are looking for any and all opportunities to get away from the snow, this Winter! If that’s the case, a trip to Texas may be exactly what you’re looking for during the snowy months. With a vibrant nightlife culture and plentiful opportunities to take in local attractions such as the National Ranching Heritage Center and a list of wineries and breweries longer than you can imagine, Lubbock, Texas is where it’s at if you’re looking to beat frigid Winter temperatures.

Located directly off I-62, the My Place Hotel in Lubbock is perfectly suited for needs of area travelers, including families and pet owners. Seconds away from McAlister Park and a variety of dining and retail options, My Place Hotel-Lubbock, Texas is the perfect place to stay. Click here to learn more.

Wide exterior of My Place Hotel-Lubbock, TX under a cloudy sky.

Anchorage, Alaksa

To round out our list of our Top 10 Winter Hotspots, we’ve chosen Anchorage, Alaska for many obvious reasons. Whether you’re looking to see the Northern Lights up close and personal or are looking to visit a glacier by dogsled or by helicopter, Anchorage is thee place to visit to enjoy Winter weather 365 days a year. Other recreational activities that may entice you to make Anchorage your Winter getaway destination include skiing, skating, ice-fishing, and cross-country skiing, among so, so many other outdoor opportunities.

While the opportunities to getaway in Anchorage are plentiful, we’re proud to say that we have a My Place Hotel in the epicenter of all of the excitement in and around Anchorage. Whether you’re looking to stay for a couple days or are looking to stay for the entire Winter, we’ve got room for you at My Place Hotel-Anchorage, Alaska and would be happy to have you. Click here to learn more.

Front entrance of My Place Hotel Anchorage.