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Three people smile and pose for the camera in front of a hotel construction site with "Stand Out with My Place" logo along the bottom.

Stand Out with My Place Hotels of America

As the hotel industry continues to struggle through the worldwide health crisis, the incessant pressure to stand out in the crowd remains greater than ever before. Despite the adversities facing us all, My Place Hotels of America remains resilient and focused on doing what we do best in offering the best lodging options in the market, constantly searching for opportunities to do better and be better for our owners, operators, and guests.

We continue to stand out as game changers majorly due in part to the culture and values we have continued to cultivate since long before our brand was conceived in 2012. This begs the question: why do we do it? The answer is simple – we do it because it is our duty to be the best we can be for our highly revered owners, operators, and guests.

As substantial as that statement is, the value is in how we do it. It all starts with the initiation of meaningful relationships with potential and current franchisees.

Whether you’re curious about our Franchise Systems or are looking to open your 10th hotel, our Franchise Sales Team remains devoted to sharing our story and treating every person they interact with on an even playing field.

“Our franchisees are not only the glue that keeps the brand together, but they are also our biggest proponents of the brand,” said Eric Myers, VP of Franchise Sales and Development. "It’s extremely important that we continue to grow the existing relationships we have with all of our franchisees and that we work to make our relationships with potential franchisees equally as meaningful.”

Most recently, our ability to connect with our owners and identify new avenues to improve the work we do for them was highlighted at the 2020 My Place Hotels of America Owners Summit in Palm Springs, California in February and through the launch of our new brand Trend Hotels & Suites earlier this month.

At the Summit, the My Place Team was commended for their ability to create an atmosphere where each and every single member of the My Place Hotels Franchise Family has the ability to be heard and make an impact on the way we do business.

“Our owners are our shareholders. Ron (Rivett) always puts it that way,” said Terry Kline, MPHOA EVP of Franchise Development. “While other brands hold large corporate meetings with owners and operators, they will never be able to feel as personal and involved as ours do and that’s something we are quite proud of. Everybody has a seat at the table.”

While brand evolution is inevitable as we’ve seen most recently with the launch of Trend Hotels & Suites, the best of interests of our valued shareholders have served as the catalyst for the gradual changes and developments made to our products over the past six years.

“As a brand, we differ from others due to the fact that we listen to our franchisees and maintain an open-door policy when it comes to ideas or suggestions to better the brand,” Myers said.

While other brands continue to distance themselves from their involvement in the Franchising process as they grow, we continue to scale our efforts to connect with our franchisees while we grow, and we don’t expect that expectation to go away anytime soon.

“Yes, we will grow as a brand and so will our franchise family, but the relationships we’ve developed and continue to nurture will never change, no matter how large the family is,” Kline said. “We’ll always be a phone-call away. Relationships will always remain as the motivator and reason why we do what we do.”

All things considered, a partnership with the team at My Place Hotels of America is unlike any other and we welcome you to learn more about who we are and why we’re so dedicated to doing what we do.

Whether you’re looking to stand out or are looking for partnership where your voice is highly valued, the opportunities to make a meaningful impact with My Place Hotels of America are endless.

To learn more about Franchising with My Place Hotels of America, please visit our website.