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A man and woman hold hands as they enter the front door at My Place Hotel.

Let’s just stay in…

1. An extended period of leisure and recreation.

It doesn’t say anything about needing to leave your hotel room…

A Staycation is a fabulous option for those of us who crave an escape, but don’t have the time, energy or resources to go on a full-blown trip. You can relax, unwind and have the time of your life, whilst wearing slippers. What could be better? Maybe you’re already traveling for work and looking for some self-care at night in the hotel room. Maybe you’re busy parents and could use a weekend away together…In town. A night or two at your local My Place Hotel can be just what the doctor ordered – if done correctly. Here’s a few of our favorite tips for the Staycation of your dreams.

Pack Light.
The point of a Staycation is to avoid the stress that travel can sometimes bring, which includes packing. You don’t need a lot when the main item on your agenda is lounging. Especially if you’re staying at a My Place Hotel where there are recliners so comfortable, you’ll wonder why you’d ever leave the room. Plus, there’s no dress code :) Throw a toothbrush and some pajamas in a bag, and you’re all set!

Plan Your Menu…Or Don’t.
This is your night(s), so whatever comfort foods sound the best to you, make it happen. That could mean taking advantage of the full-sized kitchen in a My Place room to make a beautiful charcuterie board and delectable pasta. Or that could mean ordering your favorite pizza and storing the leftovers in the full-sized fridge. Don’t want to plan a thing? There’s a fully-stocked My Store filled with snacks and other essentials in the lobby of every My Place.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure it’s the easiest and most enjoyable culinary experience for your night in.

Set the Stage.
What’s your Staycation itinerary? Are you popping some popcorn and watching a movie (or three)? Are you playing board games and having a glass of your favorite wine? Maybe you’re even pampering yourself with a facemask and a pedicure. It’s YOUR vacation, so as long as it’s not work emails or PTA, you can’t go wrong!

Go to Bed Early(ish).
This may not sound enticing, but anyone who has had a long week at work or wrangling kids and life understands that an uninterrupted, good night’s rest can be the greatest vacation perk of all. You’ll thank yourself if you’re able to return to regular-scheduled programing well-rested and rejuvenated. So have your fun, but hit the hay at a decent time. And if you’re sleeping in a plush, pillow-top My Place-exclusive bed, you won’t need much convincing.

Sleep Mode Baby.
Nothing ruins a restful night’s sleep on vacation more than a 2am text. There’s this incredible setting on everyone’s phone that can silence notifications until you choose to resume them in the morning. You can allow specific contacts to connect with you even while while in sleep mode, so you’re able to personalize your settings for emergencies.

What Alarm?
Hopefully you don’t have anywhere to be in the morning, so extend your Staycation by indulging in a slow morning. But wait, there’s more. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from your very own coffee maker in every My Place room, and a Breakfast in Bed option that can be delivered straight to your room. You may never go home :)

We don’t know about you, but we’re clicking BOOK NOW on our next Staycation. Bottom line? You deserve a break, but your getaway doesn’t have to actually involve getting away. Vacation doesn’t have to require lots of planning, costs or even travel! Your local My Place can serve as your destination for the ultimate trip without even leaving city limits.

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